Usher – BE-718


Simply the most accurate and musical bookshelf speaker money can buy, period. Exquisitely designed, executed and manufactured, the BE-718 has won numerous awards since its launch. Equally at home as a studio monitor, in a high end stereo system, or teamed up with the BE-616 center channel speaker in a home theater, the compact BE-718 Diamond is a versatile speaker which every family should have at least a pair.


2-way system: Diamond DMD dome tweeter 1.25″ ,


sensitivity: 87 dB @ 1 watt / 1m

nominal impedance: 8 ohms

frequency response (-3 dB): 42 Hz ~ 40 kHz

power handling: 80 watts

crossover frequencies: 2.06 kHz

weight: 17.2 kgs

dimensions (w x d x h): 25.8 cm x 42.8 cm x 38.7 cm


shipping weight: 18.75 kgs /pc

shipping box(w x d x h): 61 cm x 48.5 cm x 48 cm

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