Tangent – Alio Junior FM/AM

Tangent Alio Junior FM-AM

Alio Junior is a basic AM/FM radio kept in the well-known quality of sound, look, build and feel.

The relationship with the Alio radio family is obvious. A wood cabinet with a nice finish of high gloss lacquer in the standard colours black, white, red and dark walnut finish. The speaker grille and the knobs have the same Alio rubber finish, which gives a nice feel when operating the radio.

The radio is easy operated with only three knobs. A knob for volume, one for tuning and one for source selection. You can also connect any sound source (PC, TV, iPod, MP3 player) through the AUX.

Junior on the go

On the back of the radio, there is a battery compartment with room for 4 pcs AA batteries. This gives a lot of flexibility to bring the radio around exactly where you want to go. Garden, beach, camping – you name it, and you bring it as you like.

Flexible placement

Due to the special design, the Alio Junior can be placed in two positions. Either as the default position with speaker pointing towards you, or alternatively with speaker pointing upwards. First position is for own full enjoyment and second position is when you want to spread the tunes for example to share with your colleagues in the office.


ALIO Junior FM/AM – high gloss red

ALIO Junior FM/AM – high gloss white

ALIO Junior FM/AM – real wood veneer walnut

ALIO Junior FM/AM – high gloss black


W x H x D:

5.1 x 5.1 x 5.5″ / 130 x 130 x 140 mm


Bands: FM, AM


Band min: 87.500

Band max: 108.000


Band min: 550.000

Band max: 1600.000


Adjustable volume


Driver #1

Diameter: 3.00

Cone: paper

Magnet: neodynium

Speaker power: 2


Battery powered


3.5mm Aux-in


2 years

Unit packaging:

Includes: Manual, AUX-cable, antenna and power cable

Quantity/box: 1

Dimensions (W x H x D):

7 x 7.3 x 10.3″ / 178 x 186 x 261 mm

Gross weight: 1.75 kg

Net weight: 1.7 kg

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