Sonitus Acoustics – Pyramis Vilis VIL-PY5

Sonitus Acoustics - Pyramis Vilis 5

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The very good known absorber design to everybody in a budget solution. Most common use of Vilis series is in band garages and in other places where no fire retardant norms are needed. It is also made of Polyether foam which is not a high resistant foam like Polyester, but it will still do great job in sound absorbing and make your sound clearer.


Dimensions: 60x60x5cm (SKU : PY5VIL);  60x60x7cm (SKU :PY7VIL); 60x60x10cm (SKU : PY10VIL)

Material: Polyether foam

Base Thickness: 2 cm for PY5VIL & PY7VIL / 3 CM for PY10VIL

Colors: Anthrazite

Package: 10 pcs / 3,6 m2

Easy installation with non aggressive glues.

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