Ryan Speakers – Tempus 3


The Tempus III represents what we believe to be a tremendous step forward in the art of music reproduction.

Over a year of continuous development and refinement are reflected in the Tempus III. Each of its five drivers designed in house specifically for its application using the latest simulation and measurement software. The design of every motor and suspension is perfected using the Klippel Distortion Analyzer and Klippel Scanning Vibrometer.

The seamless four way Tempus III crossover produces near flat in room frequency response, even in less than ideal acoustic spaces. Each crossover component was chosen for their transparency and the ability to let the music flow through unaffected.

The unique shape of the Tempus III enclosure allows the acoustic centers of all 5 drivers to be perfectly aligned. The enclosure narrows around the midrange and tweeter drivers to minimize acoustic energy reflected off the front baffle enhancing imaging precision. A large radius is applied to the front and rear baffles eliminating edge reflections. Internally the Tempus III enclosure is extensively braced to eliminate panel resonance.

We hope you can begin to see the care that has been taken to assemble what we believe is the finest speaker at its price point. In listening to the Tempus III we hope you will hear all the amazing qualities of the loudspeaker and rediscover your music collection all over again.

Description 4-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Tweeter 1” (25mm) Chambered Beryllium Dome Tweeter

Midrange 4” (100mm) Laminated Nomex Cone, Die cast frame

Mid Woofer 6.5” (165mm) Laminated Nomex Cone, Die cast frame

Dual Side Mount Woofers 8.0” (205mm) Laminated Nomex Cones, Die cast frames

Crossover 100Hz, 350Hz and 2500Hz

Frequency Range 24Hz – 35kHz +/-3dB

Sensitivity 88dB (2.83V@1m)

Impedance 6 Ohms Nominal, 4.5 Ohms Minimum

Amplifier Power 50-300 watts

Enclosure Bass-reflex via rear-firing port

Inputs Bi Wire – 5 Way binding posts

Height 46.5″ (1181mm)

Width 10.75″ (273mm)

Depth 27.5″ (699mm)

Weight Each 180lbs (81.6kg) Shipping Weight



Walnut Veneer with Clear or Red finishes

Cherry Veneer with a Clear finish

Custom Veneers and Finishes available


*specifications subject to change


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