Rockport Technologies – Altair

Rockport Altair

The Altair Loudspeaker is for music lovers who are seeking the ultimate in a reasonably sized, yet completely full range loudspeaker. Its mirror imaged, 515 pound composite cabinets are an exquisite marriage of elegantindustrial design and optimized acoustic proportion.

The quality and extension of the Altair’s bass is shocking for a cabinet of these apparent dimensions, yet visually, the cabinets’ high gloss automotive finish and gracefully curved form belie its actual size. The frontal area of the cabinet is also qute small with respect to its actual volume, thereby allowing an unobstructed view into the utterly lifelike soundstage that it develops.

A direct successor to the Arrakis, the Altair’s drive unit complement is equally advanced as its cabinet form and construction.Each Altair houses the latest generation of drivers built specially for Rockport Technologies by Audiotechnology of Denmark. The bass, midbass, and midrange drive units all use proprietary cone profiles and carbon fiber composite construction developed by Rockport Technologies, coupled to Audiotechnology’s motor systems. The result is the highest resolution obtainable from a dynamic driver loudspeaker, combined with unsurpassed harmonic integrity and a stunning dynamic presentation.

The Altair is capable of resolving the most intricate delicacies of the musical fabric in a way that was previously associated only with electrostatics; however, the Altair also displays the correct image perspective in a manner that is the exclusive territory of a point source design. Because it is a dynamic type design, large scale dynamic contrasts are easily rendered as well.

The solidity of its presentation, singular voice with which it speaks, and ability to actually communicate the artists’ very intent, will make the Altair a welcome final purchase for many well traveled music enthusiasts.

Niskotonac: 15″ custom composite cone Audiotechnology

Midbass: 8″ custom composite cone Audiotechnology

Srednjetonac: 5.25″ custom composite cone Audiotechnology

Visokotonac: 1″ Beryllium Dome

Unutarnje ožičenje: Transparent Audio

Visina: 52″

Širina: 20″ (baza)

Dubina: 35″ (baza)

Težina: 515 Ibs. (svaki)

Frekvencijski raspon: 20Hz-30kHz, -3dB

Nominalna impedancija: 4Ohm

Osjetljivost: 91 dB SPL/2.83v

Minimalna snaga pojačala: 50W

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