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The new Ear Headphone Amplifier benefits from an all new extruded aluminium case and new styling giving it more of a family feel to match its illustrious big brothers.

The Ear simply connects to the tape output of an amplifier via phono leads, the headphones are plugged into the front panel and there is a link socket incase you need your tape output sockets for other use.

The new Ear is also available in our new alloy finish.

Height: 50mm

Width: 182mm

Depth: 160mm

Maximum output level into 32W load = 525 mW

Input sensitivity for maximum output into 32W = 331 mV

Input level for 250 mW into 32W load = 230 mV

Maximum output level into 600W load = 55 mW

Input sensitivity for maximum output input 600W = 465mV

Input impedance = 24KW

Gain = 21.7dB

Power requirements = 24V AC @ 240mA

Frequency response = 20Hz to 35KHz – 1dB points

Recommended minimum load (normal operating conditions) = 32W per channel

Finishes available:

Silver satin metal finish

Black satin metal finish

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