The XB3 passive sub is intended to compliment any one of the BB5 series of monitors within a surround monitoring system. Much of the driver and cabinet technology are identical to that of the XB2, with upgrades to a 15″ Radial™ drive unit and larger more substantial cabinet.

As a sub bass unit the XB3 does not have a rival, it is simply the finest studio .1- channel monitor with the credentials to prove it.

Available Finishes: Neo Black

Configuration: .1 effects + power amplifier

Dimensions: H 1040mm 40.94″ W 432mm 17.01″ D 790mm 31.10″

Drive Units: LF 380mm PMC Radial™ driver

Effective ATL™ Length: 4m 13ft

Frequency Response: 17Hz – 200Hz

Impedance: 4 Ohms nominal

Recommended Amp Power: 200 -1000w

Sensitivity: 91dB 1W 1m

Weight: 63kg

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