The XB2S-A cabinet containing a single PMC 10” piston driver from the IB2S XBD-A twin box monitoring system is available as a stand-alone active sub. It is an ideal and highly effective device to monitor the .1 effects channel within any IB2S-A or twotwo series system. It features all the connectivity of the IB2S-A which includes a digital input (32-192kHz) and balance analogue. The combination of an ultra-low distortion DSP-controlled, 565W Class-D power amplifier and PMC’s ATL™ bass loading technology provides faithful low frequency reproduction down to 20Hz.

Amplifier Power per Channel: 800Wrms

Available Finishes: Neo Black, Nextel R Cobalt Blue

Complementary Products: IB2S-A, IB2S XBD-A

Dimensions: H 745mm x W 330mm x D 520mm

Drive Units: LF 250mm 10” PMC Carbon Fibre/Nomex™piston driver

Input Connectors: Balanced Analogue Main Input/Through Balanced Analogue LFE Input/Through Digital AES3 Main Input/Through Digital AES3 LFE Input/Through , Digital input:AES3 192kHz 24bit , Analogue input sensitivity selectable: +4dB to +20dB

Useable Frequency Response: 20Hz-200Hz

Weight: 46.5kg 102.3lbs


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