The TB2+ shares many of the remarkable attributes of its smaller brother the DB1S+ in a larger stand or bridge mounted design. The TB2S+ allows for greater SPL as well as increased bass extension and definition; therefore it is equally suited to larger listening environments. The TB2S+ has become a favourite amongst quality conscious broadcasters and those looking for a neutral nearfield. The latest +upgrade includes improvements in tweeter, crossover and transmission line damping, which once again puts the TB2+ head and shoulders above its competition in all areas of performance. Like the DB1S+ it can be used in conjunction with the TLE1S Active sub bass unit to produce a highly accurate and potent surround monitoring package.

Available Finishes: Neo Black

Crossover Frequency: 2kHz

Dimensions: H 400mm 15.76″ W 200mm 7.87″ D 300mm 11.81″

Drive Units: LF Doped 170mm alloy chassis, HF 27mm, Silk soft dome, ferrofluid cooled

Effective ATL™ Length: 1.5m 4.92ft

Impedance: 8 Ohm nominal

Input Connectors: 2 Pairs 4mm Sockets (Bi-Wire or Bi-Amp)

Recommended Amp Power: 40-150W

Sensitivity: 90dB 1W 1m

Useable Frequency Response: 40Hz-25kHz Peak SPL @ 1M: 113dB

Weight: 8.5 kg

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