Opus 3 – Eric Bibb “Rainbow People” LP


For all of you who have been following my music, “Rainbow People” will give you an idea of how far I’ve come on my musical journey. For me, musical ideas are like children; for those of you who are hearing me for the first time, you might want to have a listen to some of my recent work to hear how the children of the Rainbow People have grown.


01. Catalina Estimada,  4:20 (Eric Bibb)

2. Lonesome Child Blues, 3:47 (Trad. arr. by Eric Bibb) 

03. Look over Yonder, 2:47 (Trad. arr. by Eric Bibb)

04. Candy Man, 3:30 (Trad. arr. by Eric Bibb) 

05. Sunday School, 5:45 (Eric Bibb)

06. Lead Me, Guide Me, 3:07 (Trad. arr. by Cyndee Peters)

07. Encuentro En la Estación, 6:00 (Eric Bibb) 

08. Going Home, 4:43 (Trad. arr by Eric Bibb)

09. Rainbow People, 4:46 (Tumie)

Eric Bibb: Guitar & Vocal

Ed Epstein: Soprano Sax on track 1 & 7

Peter Sahlin: Upright Bass on track 1, 9 and 2nd gutiar on track 7

Felix Peyeira: Arpa topical on track 1

Rudy Smith: Alto Pans

Melvyn Price: Tuba on track 3

Steve Glickstein: 2nd Guitar on track 4

Hillary Ash-Roy: Flute on track 5

Cyndee Peters: Lead vocal on track 6 – Tumie: 3rd voice on track 6 an guitar on track 9

Lena Strömberg: Alto Sax

Staffan Larsson: Violin

Michael Larsson: Viola

Mats Rondin: Cello on track 7

Björn Hamrin: Harmonica on track 8

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