Harbeth – Monitor 30.1


Developed as a BBC studio loudspeaker, the Monitor 30 has a well-rounded sound which is a big hit in the domestic market too.

Sharing its drive units with the reference Monitor 40.1, sonically and visually the smaller M30 disappears into the home listening room . Engineered around Harbeth’s RADIAL™ technology, the Monitor 30 achieves effortless clarity throughout the midrange with a well controlled bass that brings music to life in a wide range of listening environmenments.

Initially developed as a drop-in replacement /upgrade for the BBC LS5/9 studio monitor, the convenient proportions and well rounded sound soon led the Monitor 30 into the domestic market where it’s acclaimed as the ‘perfect all-rounder’.

Compared with its big brother Monitor 40.1, the cabinet is only about half the height and a quarter the volume; the Monitor 30 to sonically and visually disappears into a domestic listening room when mounted on a matching stands. Engineered around Harbeth’s RADIAL™ technology, the Monitor 30 achieves effortless clarity throughout the midrange, with extended bass and at higher levels than the Monitor 20 – but with the same family balance as the flagship Monitor 40.1.

Transducer system Vented 2-way monitor loudspeaker

Freq. response 50Hz -20kHz +/-3dB free space, 1m with grille on, smooth off axis response

Impedance 6 ohms – easy electrical load

Sensitivity 85db/1W/1m

Amp. suggestion Works with a wide range of amplifiers – ideally from 25W

Power handling 150W programme

Connector Four 4mm gold-plated binding posts (biwireable)

Dimensions (hxwxd) 460 x 277 x 285mm

Finish Cherry, tiger ebony, eucalyptus, maple and rosewood

Space needs Overall response optimised for use away from walls.

Stands As necessary to bring tweeter to ear height.

Weight 13.4kg each without packing

Packing Single speaker per protective carton

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