LessLoss – Firewall


The Firewall represents the epitome of the LessLoss Skin-filtering technology. In traditional filtering networks, very high frequency noise circumvents capacitors and coils. Without using such traditional filtering elements, the Firewall is a direct enhancement to the unique filtering technology employed in the LessLoss DFPC Signature power cord. In addition, the incorporation of high tech acoustical damping technologies results in a product which achieves a sublime level of performance for the most demanding audiophile.


• Based on LessLoss FlowFlux Skin-filtering technology

• Equates to approximately 100 DFPC Signatures wired in parallel

• Advanced vibration control: Panzerholz, Carbon Fiber, and anodized aluminum casing

• Three absolutely symmetrical feet for perfect mating to any mounting surface

• Single anti-vibration input and output

• No caps • no inductors

• No resistors • no fuses • no diodes

• Dimensions: 35×11×11.3 cm (13.8×4.3×4.4 inches)

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