LessLoss – Blackbody Ambient Field Conditioner


The Blackbody ambient field conditioner enhances audio playback quality by modifying the interaction of your gear’s circuitry with the ambient electromagnetic field. The Blackbody eliminates sonic smearing of high frequencies and lowers the noise floor, thus clarifying the stereo image.


• Based on LessLoss FlowFlux Skin-filtering technology

• Equates to approximately 100 DFPC Signatures wired in parallel

• Advanced vibration control: Panzerholz, Carbon Fiber, and anodized aluminum casing

• Three absolutely symmetrical feet for perfect mating to any mounting surface

• Single anti-vibration input and output

• No caps • no inductors

• No resistors • no fuses • no diodes

• Dimensions: 35×11×11.3 cm (13.8×4.3×4.4 inches)

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