LessLoss – Anchorwave XLR Balanced Interconnect

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2 x 1.2 m = 5.430,00 kn

2 x 1.8 m = 6.120,00 kn

2 x 2.4 m = 6.890,00 kn

2 x 3.0 m = 7.580,00 kn

2 x 3.6 m = 8.280,00 kn

2 x 4.2 m = 8.990,00 kn

2 x 4.8 m = 9.670,00 kn

Both the RCA and XLR Anchorwaves have an outer diameter of 11.65 mm. The structure is analogous to that of the Anchorwave speaker cable, with the difference being that both send and return conductors are located within the same high tech cloth shielding. A 1.2 meter run, one mono channel, of the interconnect weighs 0.6 Kg.

Our Anchorwave series of audio cables brings your signal largely unaltered from your source all the way to your speakers. Complete microvibration avoidance is impossible on the delicate levels of harmful microphonic influence the audiophile deals with here. The Anchorwave offers a high performance solution to deal with these microvibrations, both within the cable and in the immediately surrounding ambient field, in order to overcome their impact on the delicate audio signal. A true Litz wire geometry buried in a nanoparticle bed, together with a multi-layered conductive yarn shielding make this assembly a dead silent and highly accurate conduit for your prized audio signal. Only when you kill and bury the microvibrations, while not thereby altering the signal, can the music truly come to life.

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