Tangent – Exeo CDP

Tangent Exeo CDP

Stop and take a look around. No matter how you slice it, most of us should agree that life is good. But can you make a good thing better? Sure, because even the improvements that seem small add up over time in a positive way. Take the new Tangent EXEO, for example. It consists of only two audio components, yet provides a number of connection and playback possibilities that indeed all add up to a lifetime of positive experiences. The EXEO AMP (amplifier) and EXEO CDP (CD player) work together in perfect harmony. The EXEO CD Player is a multi-format digital disc player, capable of providing a wealth of opportunities for the listener. With CD-Audio and MP3 the EXEO CDP is an outstanding companion for a Tangent EXEO Amplifier. Both the EXEO AMP and EXEO CDP feature large VFD displays. Centrally located, the VFD display offers a wide viewing angle and an appealing intensity. Highlighting user-friendliness, the display can be dimmed according to the ambient light.


W x H x D:
16.9 x 3.6 x 10.8″ / 430 x 92 x 275 mm


Frequency range (+ 0/-1 dB): 20 – 20000 Hz

S/N ratio: 111dBA

DA Converter (DAC): WM 8761

Voltage: 220 Vac ~ 50/60 Hz

Standby consumption: 0.740


Connector finish: +/- Gold plated dB

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