The Gryphon – Diablo


Gryphon’s surprise launch of the acclaimed Tabu integrated amplifiers marked a sea change in High End audio. At a time when everybody “knew” that real Hi-Fi must consist of separate pre- and power amplifiers, Gryphon decided to go against this tabu and build beautiful, high performance integrated amplifiers worthy of a place in the High End.

Enthusiastic reviews and awards from around the world confirm our success in creating integrated amplifiers capable of holding their own in direct competition even with vastly more expensive separate components.

Integration of control functions and power amplification on a single chassis offers crucial advantages in comparison with separate components. In separates, the distance between cabinets introduces exposed interconnects to the signal path and careful attention must be paid to electrical and sonic compatibility issues. In a single-box solution, the audio signal path is significantly shorter. Any compatibility issues between preamp and power amp are elegantly sidestepped, eliminating the need for circuitry to address these problems. Separate cabinets, costly interconnects and separate power cords are no longer necessary, allowing the designer to allocate a greater portion of the budget where it counts: in the audio circuit.

A Name to Live Up To

As third generation heir to the decades of accumulated knowledge and experience that brought respect and credibility to the integrated amplifier, the Gryphon Diablo offers High End performance from a stunning single chassis designed with bold strokes to match its powerful, refined sound.

As the world has come to expect from Gryphon, the Diablo is a true dual mono design for minimal cross-channel interaction. The monumental, sculpted exterior conceals all the wattage you’ll ever need backed up by virtually limitless current capability. The Gryphon Diablo puts its ample power reserves at your beck and call to vividly re-create the dynamics of a live music event in your own living space.

Dynamic variations, the lifeblood of music, convey the ebb and flow of emotion. The Gryphon Diablo takes you straight to the heart of the music.

A bottomless source of pure, stable power, the Gryphon Diablo drives any loudspeaker with speed, precision and authority. A relaxed sense of ease, lush elegance and deep musical insight justify once again Gryphon’s reputation as the true music lover’s audio brand of choice.

Exclusive Components and Features

The Gryphon Diablo introduces an innovative volume control specially developed by Gryphon for future state of the art preamplifiers. The Diablo volume control dispenses with mechanical components, digital circuitry and opamps altogether, employing only a select few, hand-picked components for smooth, continuously variable level adjustment. At any given setting, only a couple of resistors are in the signal path, making it the most utterly transparent attenuator ever conceived.

The stylish Diablo remote control in solid aluminium provides easy access to frequently used functions.

For the discerning audiophile who would like to explore the possibilities of surround audio without sacrificing ultimate two-channel performance, the Gryphon Diablo embraces surround connectivity with original features that enable seamless integration with a surround system, while maintaining the unblemished integrity of your stereo sources.

The AV-throughput allows the power amplifier section of the Gryphon Diablo to be instantly re-configured for use with a separate surround preamplifier. This unique option allows you to take full advantage of the potent Diablo power amplifier for surround applications, yet keeps your surround components outside the pristine Diablo signal path for uncompromising stereo listening.

A subwoofer output with adjustable level enables ideal system integration for your current or future multi-channel needs.

Building for the Future

The Gryphon Diablo redefines audio convenience for the third millennium with an intuitively simple touch panel user interface and software-based menu display that allow the owner to customize key functions. Updated software can be installed via flash memory as it is developed.

With the proprietary Gryphon Link system, Gryphon Diablo is prepared for direct communication with future Gryphon products.

Don’t fear the future, welcome it as the proud owner of the Gryphon Diablo integrated amplifier.

True Dual Mono configuration

Zero negative feedback

Microprocessor-controlled 50-step relay volume attenuator

for best sonic performance featuring Welwyn ultra precision resistors

Ultra-short signal path

Minimal internal wiring

Military spec. double-sided up to 105my copper printed circuit boards

Dual Mono Holmgren toroidal transformer

PCB-mounted sockets eliminate wiring and shorten signal path

Gold-plated Swiss Neutric XLR sockets for one balanced source

Gold-plated phono sockets with Teflon insulation

for 4 inputs and two outputs

Fixed-level AV throughput for uncompromising

integration with surround preamplifier

Vacuum Fluorescent Display with 2 lines and 50 characters

Adjustable display lighting (High, Medium, Low, Off)

Optional MM/MC phonostage module

12Vdc link input and output

Flash memory upgrades via PC

Non-invasive protection system

Infrared remote control

EU CE approval

Designed and built in Denmark

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