Cyrus – Tri-Arbour


Product Overview

This high quality solid wood racking system is purpose made for the compact Cyrus casings and is available in a range of wood finishes.

Further Information

If your taste is for softer furnishings than the drama of our HARK II rack then we suggest the Arbour range could be just the thing. Hand made in the solid wood of your choice, the open frame styling of the Arbour racks make the system discreetly shrink into the room. Each Cyrus component sits on three vibration absorbers within the Arbour’s open wood frame. While the design of the wood frame helps blend the system into the soft furnishings, each components wonderful build quality is clearly impressive within the frame.

Cyrus’ Arbour equipment stands are specially designed to offer an understated home for your equipment. They incorporate many audiophile features to preserve your equipment’s sound quality and specifically avoid using steel or un-damped glass commonly used in cheap audio stands. They are hand-made for us in the UK by Simon Little Fine Furniture using high quality materials and a lot of skill! Our appointed retailers can show you the many options for shape and wood, or you can visit Simon’s website and learn about other furniture he makes.

Technical Information

Amazing to look at and yet designed to fit more traditional décor the Tri-Arbour is available in 5 finish options. American Light Oak, Hard Rock Maple and Black Walnut. Our standard stock item will be Hard Rock Maple but we will endeavour to hold some reserve of the others. A special antiqued finish is available as an option on all but the Hard Rock Maple. All you need do is decide which finish would best match your furnishings.

Holding 5 Cyrus components the standard Tri-Arbour can be expanded in units of 2 by ordering expansion bases to accommodate systems as they grow. As the main rack is only 24 inches tall it allows a system to be discretely housed in a traditionally furnished room. Imagine a full hi-fi system so compact it fits beside the sofa!

The design is certainly important but Cyrus being Cyrus we have engineered superb acoustic performance by isolating each component sitting on 3 special absorbers under each unit. The spiked rack is thus virtually inert to vibration and provides the perfect environment for audio components. No steel or glass to resonate here.

Looks amazing, sounds superb, and it’s hand made by a British craftsman! (Just like Cyrus electronics).


290mm wide

663mm high (to top of back post)

450mm deep (front to back)

all sizes are + or – 5mm max.


Standard Finishes – American Light Oak, Hard Rock Maple, Black Walnut

Antiqued finishes – American Light Oak, Black Walnut

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