Cyrus – PSX-R


Product Overview

This intelligent, highly regulated power supply can be connected to the vast majority of Cyrus products. By providing an extremely smooth and stable DC feed, the PSX-R achieves the full potential of the partnered component. This is one of our most popular upgrades and is highly recommended.

Further Information

It is a widely accepted fact in the high quality audio circles that the power supply design accounts for a large portion of the overall perceived quality of the hi-fi system. The Cyrus PSX-R is a 300W fully regulated DC Power supply designed to enhance the performance of the partnering Cyrus products when used as an optional extra. With its intelligent connectivity, the PSX-R automatically adjusts its output parameters to suit the partnering Cyrus component.

Technical Information

• A 300VA toroidal transformer with an enormous current delivery capability forms the front end of the PSX-R. The 30,000 microfarad slotted foil reservoir capacitors ensure that very low ESR and wide bandwidth are presented to the linear mode regulator stage that follows.

• The symmetry as a design objective set out in the Cyrus range continues to be an important topology feature of this wide dual bandwidth DC amplifier working as a linear voltage regulator in an identical manner for the positive and negative sides of the PSX-R.

• Current sharing fast double output power transistors ensure quick response in providing the demanded current from the partnering Cyrus unit. Low noise high gain amplifiers in a propriety design provide the remarkable load and line regulation afforded by the PSX-R.

• The intelligent nature of the control circuitry built into the PSX-R not only sense the requirement of the partnering Cyrus component but also relinquish the power-on control to that unit to allow ergonomic operation of the system. At the same time this elegant circuit protects against mal-operation of the PSX-R beyond the designed parameters.

• Connection to the partnering Cyrus unit is made through a quality XLR cable assembly that ensures tight coupling and minimal loss in efficient and fast energy transfer. In all instances the PSX-R may be added into the system without any changes to the existing components and by merely plugging the unit in.

• In low Power applications such as CD or DVD players the addition of the PSX-R provides a highly stable external Power with massive inertia which ensures ideal battery like operation for such units. In high Power applications, on the other hand, the PSX-R while establishing a very stiff voltage source behind the power amplifier, it successfully inhibits mains related distortions and charging spikes from reaching the signal lines of the amplifier.

• The quality lightweight die-cast enclosure of Cyrus PSX-R has a myriad of advantages both electrically and mechanically. The integrated heat-sink design enhances the thermal efficiency allowing higher performance to size ratio. Additionally, the non-resonant nature of the alloy minimises microphonic effects, while its non-ferrous composition provides an effective shield from external electro-magnetic disturbances. This also eliminates coupling of the power transformer stray magnetic fields to the sensitive audio circuitry.

Electrical Outputs

±35.5 VDC for stereo power and integrated amplifiers

±18-30 VDC for mono-bloc power and other amplifiers

±21 VDC for low power applications


Load regulation – ±35.5V 0.2% full power when connected to a Cyrus Integrated amplifier

Load regulation – ±21V 0.001% @ 20VA

Line regulation – 0.2% at full output load

Noise – <40 V rm

Dimensions – (H x W x D) 73 x 215 x 360 (mm)

Weight – 6kg

Finish – Silver and Brushed Black

Compatibility (current range)

Integrated amplifiers: 8a, 8 DAC, 8 QX DAC,

Pre-amplifiers: Pre XP d, Pre XP d QX, DAC XP+,

Power amplifiers: 8 Power, X Power,

CD players: CD8 SE2, CD XT SE2

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