Cyrus – 8a


Product Overview

The latest Cyrus integrated amplifiers are all based around a scalable high quality design you can order with a number of exciting options to create exactly the system for your needs The 8a stereo amplifier delivers an impressive 2 x 70 Watts per channel and includes six analogue inputs that you can individually name from a large list in the setup wizard. Also included is a great headphone facility and twin speaker output for bi-wiring. One of the outstanding features of this amplifier is that it is factory upgradeable allowing owners to retrospectively add the many other features found in the 8a’s siblings. Cyrus CD 8 SE2 is the perfect partner for the 8a.

Further Information

The 8a is the more powerful option in the Cyrus amplifier range and ships with a power output of 2 x 70W. The amplifier even lets you play one source in the main room and another in a second room. Select from any of the six analogue inputs and set a zone two output so you can play any source in another part of your home, Bi-wireable speaker terminals, a good quality headphone amplifier, Pre-amplifier output (for bi-amping), large clear high quality LCD screen, a powerful custom menu system you can use to fine tune your setup and system remote control.

The powerful onboard software system allows the customization of many features including individual input sensitivity matching and multiple display modes. A nice feature is that you can rename input one as CD, input two as TV and so on. This makes using the amplifier very elegant as you tune your menus to fit exactly how you want your system to work for you.


It is also possible to order from new, or return the Cyrus 8a to the factory, and add a wide range of options such as a multi-input DAC that can upgrade up to five digital sources including music from your computer, TV or satellite box so you can upgrade many audio sources with your Cyrus system. You can even add power amplifiers if you change speakers of just want to improve your systems performance in the future! You can add further options such as the very popular PSX-R power supply for even better resolution or a new power amplifier to add dynamics and exhilarating zest to your system.

Technical Information

Cyrus 8a

This amplifier is part of Cyrus’ upgradeable amplifier platform that has been created so that we can invest comprehensively in the core platform and make several versions from this shared asset. The 8a benefits from all of the original investment that went into the top Cyrus 8 Qx DAC model albeit the 6a is fitted with our 2 x 70 Watt power amplifier and has no DAC fitted yet.

The foundation of the new Cyrus amplifier platform is a revised power supply that takes advantage of the latest components that have only recently become available, allowing the 8a to deliver remarkable performance for such an affordable amplifier. The new power supply design provides peak power output (190W peak power into a 1 Ohm load) allowing the resulting performance to compete favourably with amplifiers of double its conservatively rated 40W RMS specifications. The front panel boasts a high quality LCD display that shows volume, the input selected and a set-up menu that allows you to setup your amplifier to work exactly the way that suits you.

The power supply is unusually sophisticated for an integrated amplifier because it boasts two transformers designed to separately feed ‘digital’ and ‘analogue’ sections. The first transformer feeds some digital sections and controls our low powers standby feature that enables the amplifier to consume less than one Watt while in standby mode. The second transformer supplies the sensitive low level signals and power sections. Further sub regulation ensures each part of the amplifier that feeds the speakers is made from very clean supplies that contribute to this amplifiers fine performance. In addition this dual transformer arrangement allows us to offer useful ‘green’ energy savings without compromising the audio circuitry.

Sharing core technology with the higher power models means the Cyrus 8a is sonically voiced to match with the wide range of Cyrus power amps to allow customers to add stereo or Mono amps for higher performance in the future. This modular approach will extend the life of your investment and add many options for system improvement not available in less well conceived product ranges.

In the future, the 8a owner can take advantage of a wide range of upgrade options allowing them to expand the performance in affordable stages.

Upgrade options include:

Add the DAC option and gain 5 additional inputs

Return the amp to Cyrus Support Department and have a digital card fitted that adds 5 digital inputs including a USB input that allows connection of a computer. Anything that plays on your computer will sound much better when played back through the ‘Cyrus quality’ DAC. The Cyrus digital board uses a top quality Burr Brown DAC arranged so that all digital sources connected can be upgraded by the integrated DAC. The Cyrus 8 DAC includes this upgrade.

Add a higher quality 192 24 bit DAC

The DAC card in the Cyrus 8 DAC is based around a quality Digital to Analogue Converter more usually found in digital devices several times the price of the 8 DAC. However Cyrus make a more advanced DAC option called the Qx card that can further upgrade all connected digital sources. This additional Qx model has advanced features such as re-clocking and up-sampling that will make all your digital sources sound very special indeed.

Preamp output / bi-amping

Use the preamp section with one of the wide range of Cyrus power amps. They range from the popular 8 Power through to the breathtaking Mono X300 amps. Because they are designed with the same sonic tuning your Cyrus 6a will match perfectly with an additional power amp. Adding a more powerful power amp such as the X-Power will add dynamics and solidity to the sound of your system. If your speakers support dual or bi-wiring inputs, adding another power amp will sound better because you can drive the base and treble speakers separately. (With an 8a the new amp would drive the treble speakers). Your retailer can demonstrate this but in effect you are allowing each section of the speaker to work with its own ‘engine’ and this helps things sound much clearer. Please check your speakers support this option.


Enclosure – Cyrus Inverted die-cast chassis


Line inputs – 6 analogue


Zone 2 or tape

Bi-wire Loudspeakers




Internal power Supplies -

1 x 350 VA Toroidal transformer with 5 regulated rails, plus separate toroidal transformer for control systems

External – Highly regulated PSX-R upgradeable


MC-BUS™ System BUS

Remote Control Supplied with Cyrus system remote control

Standby power consumption Less than less than 1W


Continuous Power – 115 W/CH (into 4 Ohms) 70 W/CH (into 8 Ohms)

Burst Power – 320 W (IHF, one channel driven into 1 Ohm)

Distortion – 0.002%, 1kHz (into 8 Ohms) 0.005%, 1kHz (into 4 Ohms)

Frequency Response – -3 dB, 0.1Hz and 100kHz

Damping Factor (1kHz) – 150

Input sensitivity (70W) – Line: 237mV

Input impedance – 40kOhm (RCA).

Output voltage – 237mV (Tape out), 480mV (Pre out)

S/N Ratio – 105dBA (ref. 40W)

Channel Balance – ±0.2dB (0dB to -63dB)

Volume control accuracy – ±0.1dB (0dB to -63dB)

Dimensions (H x W x D) -73 x 215 x 360 (mm)

Weight – 5.9 kg

Finish – Quartz silver or Brushed Black

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