Cyrus – 8₂ QX DAC


Product Overview

The Cyrus 8 Qx DAC is the highest performance integrated amplifier within the Cyrus range. This premium amplifier includes all the features of the 8 DAC, plus the high performance QX DAC card. The new CD T and or Stream X are the perfect systems partners.

Further Information

This first-class model includes many of the upgrade options built in from the start. Including all the core features of the other models, the 8 Qx DAC has the most powerful amplifier and our Qx DAC fitted. The Qx DAC is a very advanced digital to analog converter capable of up-sampling incoming signals to 192 KHz. The Qx DAC is especially valuable when playing music from a computer or a CD transport where the source is of high enough quality to justify this excellent DAC option.

Sonic benefits of the Qx DAC include smoother treble definition, wider sound staging and more tuneful bass that will ‘time’ better. Initially these may seem small improvements over the integrated DAC model but given ten minutes to appreciate the wonderfully subtlety the Qx is capable of you will quickly come to appreciate the fine qualities of this premium DAC option.

The 8 series models can all connect with a PSX-R that will add both detail and dynamics to the amplifiers performance.

Technical Information

Cyrus 8 Qx DAC

The Cyrus 8 Qx DAC exploits the full potential of the Cyrus integrated amplifier platform because this was the model we originally envisaged the core platform for. The higher power 2 x 70 Watt amplifier and superior Qx DAC come together to create a powerful fully featured amplifier and advanced DAC that will deliver stunning resolution and dynamics. Cyrus is able to pack all this premium performance into our compact die-cast chassis by utilising the most advanced audio engineering.

All of the features of the 8 DAC, plus the additional advantages of the QX DAC:-

• The QX module features quartz reference anti jitter circuits to re align the edges of the digital signals coupled with up-sampling to 192 kHz. This eliminates timing errors which manifest themselves as unwanted signals in the output.

• A 24Bit integrated filter DAC delivers state of the art technical performance in noise, distortion and linearity. This exceptional low level response allows small signals to be conveyed more faithfully.

• The analogue filter is a low noise 4 pole design, giving flat response across the audio band, with rapid attenuation of the high frequency digital images.

• Specially chosen components and the widespread use of SMD devices minimises path lengths and component lead-out wires. This together with extensive power supply decoupling and star earthing enables the Qx module to perform with complete freedom from noise and instability, resulting in outstanding low-level resolution and clarity.

Upgrade further by adding a PSX-R power supply.

The successes of Cyrus models over the last quarter of a century could be said to be our attention to detail and willingness to devote time to the audio tuning. Also our huge investment in R&D clearly is a major reason, as are our people, but arguably it is our understanding of power supplies and how to bend them to work to our advantage with both digital and analogue circuits that could be the most important.

The PSX-R is a massive add-on power supply in its own matching case. Because it brings many improvements wherever it is used in a system it is our best selling model and many customers buy more than one to feed the sensitive electronics they have invested in. For the Cyrus 8 Qx DAC model this is the ultimate upgrade and nowhere in our range does the PSX-R add more value than when connected to models using the Qx DAC. Enhancing the already excellent performance by adding more power, stronger bass, refinement to resolution and increased dynamics the PSX-R is an upgrade many users are surprised by. Ask you retailer to demonstrate the amplifier both with and without effects of the power supply and you will realise why this is Cyrus biggest selling model and has been for over 15 years!

Whatever the size your room the Cyrus 8 Qx DAC can work with almost any loudspeaker and fill your home with wonderful music. The more powerful amplifier and higher quality DAC are both luxury’s that will provide many years of enjoyment as you enjoy the fine details that make hi-fi such a rewarding hobby.


Enclosure – Cyrus Inverted die-cast chassis


Line inputs

6 analogue

8 QX DAC – Digital inputs – 2 electrical SPDIF + 2 optical SPDIF + 1 USB Computer slave input


Zone 2 or tape

Bi-wire Loudspeakers

Preamp-out x 2


Internal power Supplies -

1 x 350 VA Toroidal transformer with 5 regulated rails, plus separate toroidal transformer for control systems

Power supply option – Highly regulated PSX-R upgradeable

Communications MC-BUS™ System BUS

Remote Control Supplied with Cyrus system remote control

Standby power consumption. Less than 1W

Specifications 8a, 8 DAC, 8 QX DAC

Continuous Power – 115 W/CH (into 4 Ohms) 70 W/CH (into 8 Ohms)

Burst Power – 320 W (IHF, one channel driven into 1 Ohm)

Distortion – 0.002%, 1kHz (into 8 Ohms) 0.005%, 1kHz (into 4 Ohms)

Frequency Response – -3 dB, 0.1Hz and 100kHz

Damping Factor (1kHz) – 150

Input sensitivity (70W) – Line: 237mV

Input impedance – 40kOhm (RCA).

Output voltage – 237mV (Tape out), 480mV (Pre out)

S/N Ratio – 105dBA (ref. 40W)

Channel Balance – ±0.2dB (0dB to -63dB)

Volume control accuracy – ±0.1dB (0dB to -63dB)

Dimensions (H x W x D) -73 x 215 x 360 (mm)

Weight – 5.9 kg

Finish – Quartz silver or Brushed Black

Digital audio performance, 8 QX DAC model Pre-out

Input voltage – 500mV pk-pk

Input Impedance – 75 Ohms

Sample rate range – 32k – 96k

Audio formats – PCM stereo only

S/N ratio (Pre out, 0dBFS) – Better than 100dBA

THD+N (Pre-out, 0dBFS) – Less than 0.004%

QX DAC module

Input voltage – 500mV pk-pk

Input Impedance – 75 Ohms

Sample rate range – 32k – 96k

Audio formats – PCM stereo only

S/N ratio (Pre out, 0dBFS) – Better than 100dBA

THD+N (Pre-out, 0dBFS) – Less than 0.002%

Three additional high performance regulated power supplies,

Up-samples to 192kHz,

Factory trimmed quartz master clock for accurate re-clocking

NB: Not all model variants are available in every market. The Cyrus Pre XP is only available with the‘d’ digital option fitted (Pre XPd)

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