Audio Physic – High End Center Plus

Audio Physic High End Center 25

Uncompromised, grown-up home cinema requires equally uncompromised and grown-up center speakers. Nothing is more frustrating than a center loudspeaker where the dynamic passages compress and distort. AUDIO PHYSIC’s HIGH END CENTER does not compromise. Based on the technology and sound performance of highly successful models such as the Tempo and Scorpio, the center is a perfect match for them in a sophisticated home cinema system. The heavily braced cabinet is elegantly curved and comes with the typical 7° angle.

Technical data

Height 290 mm / 11.4″

Width 634 mm / 24.9″

Depth 340 mm / 13.3″

Required Space Width x Depth -

Weight 17 kg

Recommended amplifier power 25-180 W

Impedance 4 Ohm

Frequency range 40 Hz -33 kHz

Sensitivity 90 dB

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