Acoustic Revive – RTP-4-EU

Acoustic Revive RTP-4 EU Ultimate - 01

Eliminates noise and static electricity non-contact and non-magnetism!

RTP-2, 4 and 6 ultimate`s box is filled with Green carborundum, Tourmaline powder and natural quartz powder to eliminate noise and static electricity without no contact and non-magnetism.

Most of power supply box uses series type noise filter.

But series type filter transfers noise elements to heat by magnet which not only absorbs noise, it also absorbs important electrical energy.

Also the magnetic body produces magnetic distortion by the noise absorption which adds a distorted feel and thinness to the sound.

This is because an electromagnetic wave absorbent material itself is a strong magnetic body.

Also parallel type noise filter or choke coil can not avoid loss in transmission energy.

It eliminates noise buy it takes away feeling of restraint and energy feel from the sound.

Green carborundum has no side effects because it non-magnetic body.

It only absorbs electromagnetic wave noise which is produced from receptacles and internal wiring.

Green carborundum is the only electromagnetic wave absorbent material which improves sound quality and S/N ratio.

Also the Tourmaline powder releases negative ion and keep the amount static electricity very low.

The natural quartz powder releases far infrared rays which has an surface activation effect. This leads to very realistic and sound filled with a feeling of throbbing pulse.

OYAIDE`s special version Beryllium copper electrode adopted R-1 for receptacle!

For RTP-2, 4 and 6 ultimate`s receptacles, we adopted the OYAIDE`S R-1 special version.

R-1`s electrode material is made from Beryllium copper, which has the best conduct characteristic.

The electrodes surface have been mirror polish finish to further improve conduct characteristic. We at ACOUSTIC REVIVE have changed the electrode parts to thick silver plating and thick rhodium plating which has the best conduct characteristic and phase characteristic and only the electrode parts have been Super cryogenic treated (-196ºC) to improve conduct characteristic to the limit.

Most of Super cryogenic treated receptacles get treated by whole receptacles. But because the shrinkage rate is different, resin parts get damage and deteriorated and product and sound quality get destroyed badly. This is why we at ACOUSTIC REIVE only treat the conduct parts.

The ultimate material for power supply inlet and internal wiring too!

We adopted the ultimate power supply inlet and internal wiring for RTP-2, 4 and 6 ultimate. Same as receptacles, power supply inlet has been Super cryogenic treated and treated with thick silver plating and thick rhodium plating.

The inlet wiring connection is non-solder. We at ACOUSTIC REVIVE does not adopt solder because it destroys transmission badly.

For internal wiring, we adopted the FURUKAWA Electrical Industry’s oval shaped very thick PCOCC-A which as the ultimate conduct characteristic. PCOCC-A is a annealed version of PCOCC (single crystal copper) manufactured by the high technology of FURUKAWA Electrical Industry.

Not only PCOCC-A has a better conduct characteristics then PCOCC (Please look at the PCOCC-A & PCOCC comparison list), because it originally is a single core crystal, the chance of impurities getting inside is very low even it gets annealed.

So at end it has a far better conduct characteristic and higher purity then high purity conductor such as 6N. This high conduct character PCOCC-A is made into oval shaped single core which has no peaky and distorted feel to sound quality compared with round, rectangle, flat shaped conductor.

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