Acoustic Revive RSS-600

acoustic revive rss 600

Stalci za zvučnike sa specijalnom kombinacijom materijala i punjenja za izvanredne
antivibracijske karakteristike; Gornja ploča (2017S duraluminij + legura bakra i cinka); Punjenje
turmalinom i polipropilenom; Ovalni oblik; Izrada po spec. narudžbi za određen zvučnik

Principal & Structure

The purpose of a speaker stand is to bring out the full tone and performance of the speaker without altering its intrinsic sound or adding any coloration. Allowing the sound of the stand material to be heard, or robbing the speaker of necessary vibrations is not the way to create a genuine high quality speaker stand.

There are many stands which add to or take away from the speaker’s performance. Over time, these designs disappear from the marketplace. Our RSS series speaker stands have been a best seller on the market for 10 years! This is because our RSS series is the only speaker stand which does not impose its own sound or character upon the speaker and allows the full potential performance of the speaker to be realized.

The major design principle of the RSS series is to give vibrations a direction of travel away from the speaker. We have eliminated restraining feedback that would otherwise enter the body of the speaker. Vibrations are shunted away and dissipated quickly. The RSS series top plate is a combination of 2017S Duralumin and brass. The column is made from steel. In our earlier version the column was filled with a mixture of Teflon powder and Polypropylene particles. The bottom plate was aluminum alloy with stainless steel spikes. As you can see, the vibration is moved to a harder material each time, which has the effect of moving the vibration quickly downwards and prevents any vibration from feeding back into the speaker.

The combination of 2017S Duralumin, brass and steel itself has a clean and clear sound. So by combining these materials, the RSS series eliminates unnecessary resonance leaving a pretty and clear sounding tone.

Now the RSS series has taken an evolution: For the new RSS-600, we have adopted an oval shaped column which lacks a specific resonance node. Formerly the filler was a mixture of Teflon powder and Polypropylene particles. We have replaced the Teflon Powder with top quality Lithia Tourmaline powder. The foot underneath the bottom plate has been changed to a large brass foot treated with special vibration control material. This material converts vibrations into heat efficiently. As you can see, this new RSS-600 represents a genuine evolution from its predecessor.

2017S Duralumin + Brass top plate

The RSS-600 Speaker Stand’s top plate is made from 10mm thick, rigid 2017S Duralumin combined with 3mm thick brass. Both 2017S Duralumin and brass by themselves releases a clear and clean tone when tapped. Combining the two materials cancels the resonance mode of each one.

Oval shaped steel column

We adopted an oval shaped steel column for the RSS-600. Squared or round shaped columns each have their own particular resonance nodes, but oval shaped columns do not. By using an oval shaped column, it is possible to eliminate this particular tone or coloration. The oval shaped steel column is harder then 2017S Duralumin or brass, so vibrations that reach the column will never go backwards into the top plate. Some other speaker stands’ columns are made from Magnesium which is said have a high inside loss rate and high vibration absorption characteristic. Materials which are said to have high inside loss rate do not have superb absorption capabilities. Also some stands adopt soft materials for the column like magnesium and use harder materials for top plate such as aluminum or steel. But this causes the vibration to remain in the top plate. Even if it reaches the column, it will be forced backwards into the speaker. This leads to a reinforcement of resonance and coloration. Some manufacturers claim these resonances and colorations represent a high resolution sound, but this is not correct.

Tourmaline & Polypropylene – mixed special particles

The oval shaped column is filled with tourmaline powder and polypropylene particles. Vibrations from the top plate reach the column and get converted into heat and are eliminated very quickly by this special filler. You can experience the vibration absorbing effect by moving your hand from the top to the bottom of the column. You can feel that the vibrations gets weaker as you slide your hand towards the bottom. Also polypropylene itself is oval shaped and very light weight. By combining it with tourmaline powder it becomes a material which does not add any coloration to the sound. The filling in the column determines the sound quality of the stand. The RSS-600 column is filled up completely to eliminate standing waves and resonance generated tones. ACOUSTIC REVIVE`s speaker stand is shipped completely assembled so the customer does not need to deal with the filler material. Many speaker stands require assembly, and typically the dealer will have to add an extra charge to assemble them for the customer.

Other speaker stand columns are not filled up completely, and the manufacturers claim that they are adjusting the amount of the filler to control the tone. But this only adds the resonance tone of the stand to the speaker, which will obscure the real tone and performance of the speaker.

Size of top plate:W200 X D260mm

Size of bottom plate:W260 X D310mm


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