Acoustic Revive – RCA-1.0PA


Single Core Cable has become flexible

Single Core Cable is made from help of many maker which specializes in certain material.

It has been used in major record companies, recording and mastering of excellent recording labels.

Overwhelming high quality sound has been well known, but the previous model was difficult to use, because of its stiffness. This new model has adopted a Teflon coating flexible copper pipe for easy use.

Why does it have to be single core?

Till now, most of cables where made from thin wire which are twisted. Straying electric current in twisted line structure, which produces incidental sound outbreak of distortion. High frequency electric transmits well through large surfaced conductor.

Then way has twist line been adopted till now? That is because of the flexibility and easy use.

Flexible cable is easy to produce from the point of manufactures view. Also it is easy for the user to handle it.

Natural silk tube developed which retains a feeling of life without harming sound quality

We got the biggest silk maker in Japan to develop the natural silk tube. This silk tube is a buffer material which establish the air layer. This gives a feeling of life without harming the sound quality.

The influence of what material is used near the conductor is very big. Some cable manufacture uses PVC as a butter material, which is particularly worst. This is why we adopted natural silk.

The flexible Teflon coating steel tube which brings the perfect shield effect without side effects

An assortment line has been used for a shield until now. Even assortment shield said to be high assortment percentage, actually there is a lot of gaps. So perfect shield effects are absolutely impossible. In addition, straying electric current occurs on assortment line, same as twist line.

Which destroys sounds.

We adopted the flexible Teflon coating steel tube as shield material, which has far more thickness then foil. This steel tube eliminates incidental sound, distortion and gives you overwhelming shield characteristic. Also wonderful flexibility which you can`t get in twist line cables.

Newly developed plugs to make use of superior cable structure!

No matter how the cable is superior, if the plug quality is poor, it will destroys sound quality of the cable. A lot of expensive cable on the market uses very cheep plugs, which are made from poor materials and structure. To make the perfect plug, we join developed with a plug manufacture.

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