Acoustic Revive – DSIX-1.0PA (RCA)




DSIX is an abbreviation for “Digital Signal Isolation Exciter”. DSIX is unique and has a groundbreaking performance. DSIX electrically isolates the signal loop from equipment (ex., CD transport and converter, DVD player and pre-amplifier) by the use of the isolation transformer, this cuts off noise interference. The result of this is that the throw rate, which indicates the start up speed of a digital shape wave is up to five times faster and transmission energy is up to twelve times more in a circuit equipped with DSIX.

Jitter reduction and the difference to other similar devices

DSIX reduces the jitter of the entire system, other similar devices can only reduce the jitter locally by reducing jitter from the output to the input signals.

So the device for reducing jitter has an effect of decreasing the jitter of the device itself, but it could not reduce the jitter of the entire system. And some of devices certainly decrease jitter but throw the common mode noise.

DSIX can separate and use the voltage signal without taking the current and completely cuts off noise increasing the throw rate of the transmission signals. It completely eliminates factors which create jitter between the connected equipment therfore increasing the entire quality of the digital signal. DSIX allows equipment or systems to perform at their full potential.


We use our digital cable COX-1.0F for DSIX

It is possible to improve sound quality even if the quality of the digital cable is low. DSIX has a superior method for reducing jitter, we use the digital cable COX-1.0F that has already established a high reputation in the field of digital cables. The COX-1.0F is a single core cable that completely eliminates associated noise current.

DSIX uses high quality materials like the newly developed flexible teflon coated OFC tube which ensures perfect shielding, a natural silk absorber in order to achieve the ultimate signal transmission and super-annealed copper wire. Therefore the combination of the COX-1.0F and the DSIX makes it possible to obtain a new previously unachieved quality level of digital signal transmission.


Beneficial effect on all digital links

DSIX can be used not only for CD transport to D/A converter, but also for other applications like surround sound standards ex. ‘Dolby Digital’ or ‘dts’. It makes superb improvements for signal to noise ratio, sound quality, dynamic range and channel separation. In addition big improvements for digital copies are obtained allowing you to make CD / DAT / MD etc copies with very little loss in sound quality.

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